Become a CTC

The Academy for Dog Trainers’ Certificate in Training and Counseling is the most prestigious certification available in our profession.

Our ideal candidate is intellectually curious, conscientious, with compassion for both dogs and people, and a love of teaching.   We will vet your applications carefully to make sure you’re a good fit for the program.

Our program generally takes up to two years to complete.  Most students work between 10 and 20 hours per week at the program. Your progress through the Academy is organized in four levels, modelled after the US college system.  By the end of each level, you’ll have demonstrated your training skills and ability to create practical training plans and coach clients.

Student and Graduate Support

The Academy is renowned for its support of both students and graduates.  Aside from the famous Academy Cafe, where students, staff and graduates hang out and connect, you can join study groups for each level and get guidance from your peers and The Academy staff on the material for each level.  The Academy offers continued supervised practice to our graduates.  We have numerous discussion platforms where graduates can be mentored by Jean and the Academy staff on their cases, classes and businesses.  Graduates are also welcome to continue attending Academy webinars which offer the latest research and guest speakers on the gamut of relevant topics to our work.  Jean and Sarah also have weekly office hours on Zoom.  The Academy is unique in its degree of post-graduate support.