Why cooperative care?

Dogs simply do not need to fear veterinary offices, staff, and procedures. With good training, many dogs can instead learn to be comfortable or even happy at the vet’s office, and there can be no better gift to our dogs than a more joyful life.

After years of production, testing and refining of training plans aimed at improving dogs’ comfort level during routine veterinary procedures, The Academy is pleased to release the final product. The Husbandry Project booklet is a collection of how-to instructions, stationing plans and “Conditioned Emotional Response” or CER plans. These plans have been vetted by hundreds of trainers and dog owners. 

What’s included

Gone are the days of forceful handling for vet exams, procedures and grooming. I’m happy to be part of a generation of qualified trainers who can help animals participate in, and even enjoy, veterinary care and grooming.

-Kate LaSala

Working with our companions to allow them to communicate with us on how they are feeling with handling and restraint while responding in kind to help them feel safe and active participants is quite literally life changing.

-Jennifer Pratt

We have learned so much about the very short window of opportunity for fear prevention in puppies! We know now that we must get started right away helping puppies really enjoy being handled in preparation for grooming and veterinary care.

-Suzanne Bryner

The first time my dog Tildy participated willingly in a vet exam unmuzzled was a powerful experience. After five years of struggle and not knowing better, it took just months of training with Academy husbandry plans to get her there.

-Lizzy Flanagan


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