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Our Commitment

The Academy aims for excellence. We set very high standards for our graduates, which is exactly what the dog training industry most needs. Because of this, we accept only a minority of applicants so please take care with your application, and read our site thoroughly to see what the course involves. Our Mission & Code of Conduct can be read here.

Tuition Amount

Academy Tuition is $7525 if pre-paid. We also offer a payment plan, which consists of an initial payment of $3,500 followed by $500 per month for ten months (totaling $8500).

Your credit card will be charged on or around the final day of each month after the initial payment. If you are accepted into the program, your acceptance email will offer you both pre-paid and payment plan options.

Once course materials have shipped, we regret we do not offer tuition refunds.


To be considered for The Academy, an applicant must:


Pay a $75 non-refundable application fee.  You will be required to pay using your credit or debit card during your application.


Complete the application form (below).




Contact Information




Street address, PO Box, c/o


Apartment, suite, building, floor, etc





or use the contact form.

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