What You Need

To apply for The Academy, you will need:

  • Some basic dog wrangling/handling skills. You might have acquired these volunteering with a rescue or shelter, or through taking part in canine sports, such as agility
  • At least 10 – 15 hours a week to commit to studying and practicing training
  • Access to dogs to demonstrate your training techniques in video submissions. You may use your own dog if he or she does not already know the behaviors. Many of our students put out an ask on apps such as NextDoor and get huge response from neighbors delighted to offer their dogs for training

You’ll also need:

A PC or Mac (OSX 10.6 or later) loaded with:

  • Ability to read PDFs
  • An up-to-date version of an internet browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox
  • A smartphone, tablet or video camera to record your training for assignments sessions 

You’ll need to be able to upload files and videos, and do basic editing on your videos.