Webinars on Demand

The Academy’s Public Webinars

A unique opportunity to learn from The Academy’s Director and Principal Instructor, Jean Donaldson.

The Academy is delighted to offer these 12 trainings to reward-based dog trainers and behavior consultants. They cover a wide variety of common behavior issues, from house training and body language to client counseling and predatory behavior.

CEUs are available: for details please see each webinar.

Please note: These webinars are for applied dog behavior professionals and presume basic knowledge of animal learning and animal behavior.

Cost: $50 per webinar or $360 for all 12 (a 40% discount)

Duration: One-year streaming period


Body Handling



Coaching Owner Mechanics


Dog-Dog Bullying



Body Language Interpretation

Counterconditioning without Desensitization


Dog-Dog Case Histories


Bundle and save

Purchase of all 12 webinars for a 40% discount. The bundle can be streamed for 12 months from date of purchase.