Virtual Services

provided by Academy Grads

There are three different approaches to online or virtual learning offered by Academy graduates: online dog classes, online courses, and one-on-one video-chat coaching. Something will work for you, your dog, your budget, and your schedule! You can work with world-class trainers from anywhere in the world.

Live Online Classes

These include basic obedience, puppy classes, tricks, “reactive rover” style of classes for leash-reactive dogs, and so on: most of the classes your local dog trainer offers when they’re open, you can find online! These classes are typically a set number of weeks long, start on a certain date, and are at the same time every week. You’ll be in a virtual classroom with a small number of other participants and get instructions, some one-on-one coaching as time allows, and of course, your standard helpful homework handouts. These offerings are great if you’re looking for a certain type of skill or learning and need the set class time to help you motivate yourself, and offer the benefit of some virtual face time with other humans in the same boat.

Self-Paced Courses

With digital self-paced courses, you will buy a course and gain entry to an online learning portal, or perhaps download a series of videos and homework sheets. These courses are usually “work at your own pace”, which means you can re-do the exercises as much as you’d like, move on as quickly as you and your dog wish, and come back to materials as needed. There are often modules with video, text, and downloadable fact sheets to help guide you. They’re perfect for people who are self-starters or can’t make a class work, or if the price point of classes is an issue. Topics range from basic obedience and tricks to reactivity and husbandry, and everything in-between.

One-on-One Consults

Available by video-chat, these services are a great way to get that personalized help that many dogs need and many owners want. Dog trainers regularly coach the owners of dogs who are fearful or aggressive, who experience anxiety when left alone, or who have multiple issues, although any dog and any owner is welcome to book in with a dog trainer for any kind of training help, from “I’d like to teach my dog to do fun tricks” to “I’d like my dog to be comfortable at the vet’s office”. Although video-chat consults are a relatively new phenomenon, we encourage you to give them a try if you feel they won’t work for you. Our Academy trainers can boast thousands of satisfied clients who we have never met in person, due to the fantastic technology available to us.


Dogkind LLC

Leash walking, coming when called, reactive dog basics, scentwork


Delighted Dogs LLC 

A variety of live group classes, including puppy kindergarten, basic manners, tricks, husbandry, intermediate manners and polite greetings. 


Cours de maternelle en ligne, en français!

Animal Behavior Wellness Center

Puppy Socialization Classes. 6 week course for $195.  Instruction, demos and live coaching.

Fetch The Leash

Log in from the comfort of your home and learn with your pup! Our virtual group classes are structured in much the same way as traditional in-person classes have always run. You and your classmates will meet in a virtual, interactive classroom with your trainer once a week. You will receive the same personal attention and instruction, real-time coaching directly from your trainer, and sound behavioral advice.

My Fantastic Friend

6-week Puppy Kindergarten and 5-week Basic Manners Classes meeting for one hour each week. Mini Classes of one to four 30-minute sessions for specific skills/topics and tricks! All group classes are limited to handful of participants and offered live online via Zoom.

Good Wolff

We offer 3 different 1 hour classes: Working From Home with Your Dog, Puppy Socialization During a Quarantine and Leash Reactivity. All come with material and email follow up. 

Sit Pretty Pet Services

Live interactive group classes for puppies, self control series and trick training!


You and your classmates will meet in a virtual, interactive classroom via Zoom once a week. You will receive  personal attention, instruction and real time coaching directly from your trainer.

It’s a Dog’s World

Offering live puppy classes.

A Matter of Manners

One hour stand alone Boredom Busters and full 6 week courses. 

Carefree Canine

Virtual Puppy Kindergarten

Kristy Francis Dog Training LLC

Classes available for your needs by using easy live online videos. You will stay in the comfort of your home while training your dog.

We Work For Treats


We offer bilingual (FR&EN) group classes and One-on-One consults. Our group lessons are built to suit all types of families. Come work with your furry friend and learn how to use effective and positive methods for you and your dog!


Hands Full Dog Training, LLC

We provide a self-paced e-learning manners course covering basic obedience and application of obedience skills into real world settings. Clients can elect to submit video for direct feedback.


À votre rythme, avec rétroaction de vos entraîneurs à chaque étape!

All Dogs Go To Kevin

Teach your dog from the comfort of your home. You decide when and how often to train. We provide the same high-quality content and instruction you’ve come to expect from ADGTK.

Doggy Geeks University

Enjoy a better life with your dog! Learn how to work with your dog, teach them real-life skills, and solve behavior issues. Our self-paced, on-demand courses include support from instructors and other students.

We Work For Treats

My Fantastic Friend

Learn about guarding, what not to do, and simple exercises to help teach your dog to be comfortable when you’re near them and their treasured items (their meals, chews, bones and toys.) And teach your dog the useful skills drop it and leave it.

Martin Training & Behavior

GOOD DOG – LEVEL 1 is a self-paced online course where your dog can learn all the skills necessary to thrive with their human families. 


Martin Training and Behavior

One-on-one consults for canine separation anxiety and puppies from 8 weeks to 18 months of age.

Hound Haven

Separation anxiety training, basic dog training, behavior assessment and training plan implementation.

The Practical Pup

One to one consultations and training session packages


Consultation à distance en français pour tout problème de comportement.

Angela Gardner

One on one online consultations offering basic training and separation anxiety training via FaceTime or Zoom.

Pawsitive Ways

Live one on one consultations and training. From puppy basics to adolescent and adult dog behaviour problems. 

We Work For Treats

Carfree Canine

One on one coaching and education to navigate your dog’s problem behavior or your training goals! For all cases other than Separation Anxiety.

Rescued by Training

Private video sessions for adult and puppy basic obedience, fear and aggression (food and resource guarding, fear of strangers, body handling issues, fear of children), puppy socialization, The Family Dog training package (6 sessions plus access to online program) and pre-baby prep for your family and your dog. 

Puppy Stars

I am now providing a full range of services online; behaviour consults, 1-1 training  (via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime etc).

Dances with Dogs

Initial consults and private sessions are hosted over Zoom. Clients receive counseling for their dog(s)’ individual behavioral needs including demonstration of physical and verbal training cues.

Dogkind LLC

We provide online behavior assessments and training for dogs and their humans struggling with behavior challenges. 

Debbie’s Dogs

We provide virtual help for you and your dog – from basic issues to more serious behavior problems.

Sylvia Borghardt Dog Training

Online/Remote training sessions for guardians who would like to train the common obedience behaviors, such as sit, down, stay, leave it, watch me and/or who would like to train tricks and fun things to do with their dog. 

Behavior Matters Academy

No matter the issue or where you’re located, I can help you with your dog behavior questions. Let’s chat (free 30 minute consult). 

Paws of Nature

We offer 1 hour plus Virtual Behavior Consults and Virtual Training packages for all types of behavior and training needs for both dogs and cats.

Fetch the Leash

In one hour virtual lessons we coach you through the nuts and bolts of teaching your dog the skills he needs. We have an initial online consultation where we discuss your goals and come up with a training and management plan for you, followed by as many lessons as needed to reach your training goals. This one on one format works especially well for fear and aggression, separation anxiety, new puppy prep & training, basic manners. Lessons are conducted online.

The Dog’s Voice

Remote consultations for puppy and dog training, including anxious or fearful dogs.

My Fantastic Friend

In Private Training Classes, I provide one-on-one coaching to help you train your dog basic skills. Private Good Manners Mini Classes (single 30 minute class sessions) are available for a limited time. In Behavior Consultations, I provide counseling, guidance and coaching for with issues that go beyond basic good manners.

The Learned Dog

Separation anxiety training primarily, for owners and for professionals.  Also provide consultations for owner and professionals on all behaviors and/or different training protocols, if needed.

Believe in Your Dog

One on one private consultations and separation anxiety training packages. 

Kristi Benson Dog Training

Kristi takes distance consult clients from across Canada with dogs who have a range of issues: basic training, fearfulness, stranger danger, resource or food guarding, leash issues, and so on.

Sociable Dog

One to one remote consults delivered via video meeting room.

La Patte Blanche

Private consultations for all kind of behavior issues: from puppy biting, to reactivity, to dog/cats cohabitation…. Offered in english or in french.

Good Wolff

We offer one on one coaching and and instruction for any type of behavior problem and we specialize in separation anxiety.

Meghan D’Arcy Training & Behaviour

Virtual consults and online coaching for help with puppies and new-to-you dogs, manners and overcoming behaviour challenges.


Online consults and coaching for general training as well as behaviourial problems. All ages and breeds.

Bravo Dog

Behavior consulting and private training

Lizzy and The Good Dog People

I offer remote consults for a spectrum of behavior goals and challenges from training to more advanced aggression cases using video conferencing apps. 

Ivy League Dogs

We offer online one-on-one services for Behaviour consults such as: Resource guarding, House training, fear/aggression, manners, pre-adoption, body handling, reactivity, barking, recall and puppies.  

Ivy League Dogs

Behavior consults and training for issues including separation anxiety, aggression, fear and anxiety, and leash reactivity. No charge for a preliminary phone call.


Always Learning LLC 

One-on-one training help for behaviors ranging from basic obedience to fear and aggression.


Project Potential LLC

One-on-one consults.


Paw Programming

One-on-one consults: coaching, customized training plan and ongoing support


Dog Gone Good

One-on-one consults for Separation Anxiety, Fear & Aggression, and Puppy Training

Kristy Francis Dog Training L.L.C.

Private consults and sessions are available via easy live online videos. You and your dog(s) will stay in the comfort of your home.

Coexistence Consulting

I offer online private coaching to help dogs and their people. Let’s get to know each other; schedule a no-cost discovery call today!

The HappierDog

People struggle with their dogs unwanted behavior. At The Happier Dog we understand the frustration of knowing there is a better way to manage their dogs behavior but not know how or what to do. Our easy to follow, step by step process, people find the solutions they have been so desperately seeking.

Delighted Dogs LLC

Separation anxiety, basic manners, puppy development and behavioral challenges can all be addressed online in live coaching training sessions.

Diva Dogs

Zoom Meetings for New Puppy Owners

Have a question? We are happy to help you! Congratulations, you just brought home a bouncing baby dog–a puppy! You must have a lot of questions.

Happy Pups Academy

Zoom consultations for training advice for puppy parents.

Dances with Dogs

Private initial consults and follow up sessions are offered through the Zoom platform.

A Matter of Manners

90-minute behavior consultations via Zoom to discuss the issues you’d like to work on with your dog and to begin some training with your dog. 

In Partnership Dog Training

We offer online, one on one training consults and coaching for basic obedience as well as behavior problems. 

It’s a Dog’s World

Offering 1:1 virtual consults

Evolved Dog Training 

I can assist with teaching basic manners and Behavior issues via Video 1 on 1s.

The Inquisitive Canine

Online dog training essentials for your busy lifestyle.

Janice Z Dog Training

 Janice Z Dog Training uses rewards-based training methods grounded in applied animal behavior science. Based in Medford, MA.

Alpine Dogs

One on One Consults for puppies, basic manners, fear and aggression and separation anxiety
Live Online Group Classes for reactive dogs.

Hands Full Dog Training, LLC

One on one training via Zoom covering all issues from basic manners and problem solving to fear and aggression.

Wag the Dog and Company

One-on-one online private training for general manners, new puppy or adult dog start right sessions to fear, anxiety, aggression, reactivity, and phobias.  We also offer live online group classes for puppies and adult dog foundations and more. 

Star Dog Training

I offer live, online, private consultations. These are fun, educational and easy to boot! I handle most case types from new puppies, basic manners to fear and aggression.

Diamonds Dogs

One on One consults for behavior problems and basic training for puppies and adult dogs. 

Jane Sigsworth  

Dog-dog aggression, play, and social skills issues. Online consultations for guardians who are struggling with their dog’s behaviour around other dogs.

Building Behaviours

Separation Anxiety training.