• Please note: These webinars are for applied dog behavior professionals and presume basic knowledge of animal learning and animal behavior
  • Webinars are $50 each and can be streamed for 3 months from date of purchase
  • 40% off a purchase of all 12, which can be streamed for 12 months from date of purchase
  • CEUs are available: for details please see each webinar’s Vimeo page
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Body Handling

Body Language Interpretation Basics

Coaching Owner Mechanics

Counterconditioning Without Desensitization

Dog-Dog Bullying

Dog-Dog Case Histories (2 cases)

Dog-Dog Play Skills Assessment Case History

Generating Owner-Friendly Scripts (Language/Client Communication)

Housetraining Case Studies (3 cases)

Predatory Behavior 

Refereeing Puppy Play 

Resource Guarding (4 cases)

Entire Series of 12 Webinars