The Academy for Dog Trainers is a ‘virtual’ university for dog trainers. It’s a two year, part-time online program that offers a comprehensive education in all aspects of dog behavior, both theory and practice. It will equip you to be an outstanding trainer, not only in your understanding of how dogs learn, but in your ability to counsel dog owners, build relationships and market your services.

You can study the course at a time that suits you and our online resources mean you can learn anywhere you have access to a computer.

Even though this is distance learning, you can still be very much part of the Academy community. You can hear and quiz guest experts in our weekly webinars, discuss topics with other students in our online study groups and chat in our virtual Academy café. We’ll also help you hone your practical techniques through our highly personalized, pioneering method of video coaching.

We aim to make the Academy an informative academic experience and a stimulating, energizing place to study. It is rigorous and it is challenging and we make no apologies for that. We want more excellent trainers out in the world so we expect students to complete the course in two years. Our program is divided into {modal index.php/the-academy-levels}four levels{/modal}, each to be completed in six months and you’ll be tested for knowledge and technique at the end of each level. At the end of the two years, you’ll take a final exam to become a fully qualified graduate {modal html=The CTC is the Academy’s Certification in Training and Counseling. Dog training is, sadly, an unregulated industry. Carrying the Academy’s certification is assurance for your clients that you have thorough knowledge, great technique, can provide effective advice on their dog’s behavior and will be open and straightforward about the methods you use and why they work.}CTC{/modal}.