Academy students are not all from the world of dogs. They often come to dog behavior and training from other careers in social sciences, allied health or client-centred businesses. If you are thinking about a change of career and want to put your business and people skills to work to better the lives of dogs and their families, here’s how the Academy program can help you:

  • A full and comprehensive education in every aspect of dog behavior and training
  • Practical and personal education in timing and techniques
  • The support of experienced coaches who have themselves ‘crossed over’ from other careers
  • Access to the community of fellow students and graduates, many of whom are running their own dog businesses and are happy to share their insights and their experience
  •   Advice on brand and marketing and a suite of marketing materials, client handouts and service contracts and waivers that you can adapt and brand as your own
  •         On graduation, inclusion in the Academy qualified trainer referral list

You will start your new career able to tackle confidently all that your new vocation offers and have a network of friends and colleagues virtually at your side.

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