The Academy is an advanced program. It is not for everyone. We have only a limited number of students enrolled at any one time to ensure that each receives appropriate mentoring and coaching from the team.

We do, however, welcome students from many different backgrounds, whether you are:

So what does it take to get the best from your study with the Academy?

Dedication and motivation

Whatever your background, you do need dedication. You’ll need to be able to pace your
studies and fit them around your work and home life.

The Academy’s academic and practical standards are high. During the course, you will be expected to:

  • Master degree level applied behavior analysis
  • Develop polished and efficient dog training technique
  • Learn in-depth behavior modification for a wide variety of behavior problems, including fear and aggression
  • Become proficient at teaching, counseling and coaching human clients

There are no shortcuts. If you can invest at least eight hours of dedicated time per week, studying and training, you should complete the course within two years. When you graduate, you will have knowledge and skills that are second-to-none in the dog training world.


Confident computer skills

Since the Academy is an online course, you must be fluent in your use of technology.

We don’t expect you to be a computer geek, but you do need to be confident working on your computer or tablet and able to do tasks such as downloading material and uploading videos. Plus, you need to be comfortable troubleshooting any technical issues that arise.

Commitment to our ethical standards

If you join our Academy, you must share our principles about dog training. We believe dogs have the right to be trained so they are a loved part of their human family, feel safe, have rich lives and can engage in normal dog behavior.  The families of dogs have the right to competent, professional, fully educated and trained practitioners and to be made fully aware of all the potential effects of any training or behavior modification approaches so that they can give informed consent. Academy trainers are the champions of these rights. We teach dogs, we coach the families of dogs, we achieve outcomes kindly and efficiently and we act as the translators between the two cultures: dog and human.   That is what we preach and practice and we ask that all students and graduates abide by {modal  index.php/code-of-conduct}our code of conduct.{/modal}

What makes a great trainer?

The type of person who thrives at the Academy is intellectually curious, methodical, conscientious and compassionate, cool-headed and co-operative.  And, importantly, they are as patient with people as they are with dogs.

{modal index.php/how-to-apply}If this sounds like you, here’s how to apply{/modal}