When you join the Academy, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge. You’ll understand dog behavior like never before, you’ll know how to train to a plan and that means you’ll be able to tackle any and all challenges with confidence and competence.

Our curriculum is carefully designed to develop you into a highly skilled, well-rounded, versatile professional whether you choose to run your own dog training business or work for a rescue or shelter. Everything we teach in dog training is based on the study of applied animal behavior. Our methods are all positive and have been tried and tested on thousands of dogs. There are no fads – just the latest science.

 Course content

The topics you will study include how animals learn, dog training methods and history, dog breeds and their characteristics, obedience, behavior problems, fear and aggression. You’ll learn how to counsel clients, apply critical thinking and how to develop effective training plans. You will also learn about brand, marketing and managing and developing customer relationships. {modal images/Academy_Syllabus.pdf}For a detailed syllabus, CLICK HERE{/modal}