Many of the students who join the Academy are already working in a related field: vets who want to increase their knowledge of behavior, trainers who want to grow their level of skills and gain a significant credential, dog walkers who want to cross over into the dog training world.

If you are already a dog professional, you come with the advantage of plenty of dog handling experience.

What the Academy can give you:

  •           An exceptional knowledge of dog behavior and how dogs learn
  •           The theory and practice of how to teach obedience behaviors from puppies to adult dogs
  •           Understanding behavior problems, including fear and aggression so that you can extend your range
  •           Intensive coaching in your training techniques
  •           Practice in developing training plans to deliver consistent results for your clients
  •           Skills in counselling clients, passing on knowledge and techniques and encouraging
  •           compliance with training programs
  •           Advice on brand and marketing plus a suite of marketing materials.
  •           Client handouts and service contracts and waivers that you can adapt and brand as your own
  •           Inclusion in the Academy qualified trainer referral list on graduation

Together, this will give you the confidence and competence to extend and grow your business
and give confidence to your clients, too.

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