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Nick Honor

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Puppy Stars is the home of Nick Honor: Professional Trainer (ATI) & Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CAB) who has been providing professional training and behaviour services across the U.K. since 2010.

At Puppy Stars, we understand that at times our dog’s behaviour can appear puzzling or become troublesome and that this can be the cause of much distress and worry. It does not have to be like this, we can help.

We are recommended by vets and have been helping people across the U.K. since 2010 to find solutions to their dog’s problem behaviours for example: aggression towards people and other dogs, fear and anxiety, rehabilitation of overseas rescue dogs, nuisance barking, destructive behaviour, chasing wildlife etc, one thing we know for sure is that it’s never too late to make things better.

As well as behaviour consults, we specialise working with puppies and adolescent dogs providing life stage specific training and support.

At Puppy Stars we will use a range of humane techniques proven over many decades to be effective in changing your dogs behaviour, these are based on the science of animal learning and evidence based practice. We understand that pain and physical confrontation is inhumane, unsafe and unnecessary to change your dog’s behaviour for the better.

Working with Nick, is an investment in your dog, that will provide you a lifetime of benefits for both you and your dog.

Buckingham MK18, UK

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