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Lisa Skavienski

Fear & Aggression, Group Classes, Manners Training, Private Training, Puppy Training, Separation Anxiety

Whether you just got a new puppy and are looking to prevent behavior concerns or have an adult dog displaying undesired behaviors – we are here to help. From jumping on guests or counter-surfing to more serious issues of fear and aggression, our trainers are formally dog educated and eager to help. We have acquired comprehensive education in the subjects of applied behavior analysis, Pavlovian conditioning, client counseling, animal behavior, and critical thinking from the most rigorous, advanced academic program available.

Our training is free of aversive methods and completely transparent. We will never hurt, scare, or intimidate your dog. Instead, we leverage the good stuff to motivate your dog – the things in life they want access to.


101 Main St, East Rochester, NY 14445

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