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Kris Hampton

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Raintown is made up of a team of zealous and dedicated animal-lovers, who are driven to help strengthen the bond between dog and parent. Our trainers are well educated and well-endorsed, bringing our passion and profession together in a way that builds community and strengthens relationships. We love showing our clients in Vancouver how far a little bit of professional and efficient training can go, with lasting results. We truly care about your experience working with us.

It is our belief that dogs can help us grow as humans, and can help bring us together into a greater sense of community. 

By deconstructing popular dog myths, educating and coaching our pup-parents, we aim to improve the welfare of canine lives, as well as the relationships they have with their owners (that’s you!). Our approach is to address the needs of each individual pup (and human!) through a variety of group, one-on-one, and customized dog training classes.

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