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Bonnie Hartney

Dog to Dog Aggression, Fear & Aggression, Group Classes, Manners Training, Online Training, Private Training, Puppy Training

Accredited & award-winning Dog Training & Behaviour Counselling in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Recommended by Veterinarians & the BC SPCA. Surrey, B.C. Ocean Park Dog Training offers supportive, compassionate step-by-step learning using current science-based methods. We teach in a modern, clean & air-conditioned training centre and our experienced and certified dog training professionals use positive training with rewards such as food for motivation. We offer classes for Puppies, Teen Manners, Reactivity, Nose Work, and Tricks and Games. Our Private Training is for Manners, Fear, and Aggression and Tricks. Join us to learn and have fun with your dog!

2430 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V4P 1H5, Canada

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