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Amanda Dwyer

Day Training, Dog to Dog Aggression, Fear & Aggression, Manners Training, Online Training, Private Training, Separation Anxiety

Westward Hound offers in-person and online private sessions to help owners address everything from puppy rearing, manners basics, leash reactivity, fear based issues, and separation anxiety.

Day training is also available to those living in North Kitsap County, WA.

Amanda started her journey into dog training and behavior analysis in 2015 when she became an active volunteer for Seattle Humane’s Dog Behavior and Socialization Program. She has taught puppy and manners classes, and offers private behavior consultations for most challenges dogs and owners face.

In 2020 she graduated with honors from the Academy for Dog Trainers, She’s also certified as a Fear-Free-Professional Trainer and a Certified SA Pro.

Kingston, WA 98346

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