Sadie and the Tramp LLC

Sadie Goldman is a Certified Dog Trainer. She graduated with honors from The Academy for Dog Trainers – the world-leading program for dog trainers and behavior consultants – and received a Certification in Training and Counseling. Sadie specializes in treating fear, aggression, and underlying causes of behavior problems. Growing up, Sadie always loved animals and began fostering kittens for the SPCA. At 18 she began volunteering at the Yolo County Animal Shelter, training dogs and providing enrichment. Since then she has been involved in rescue, rehabilitation, service dog training, herding, rally, agility, and conformation.


Phone Number: 530-723-6658


Address: Sacramento, California 95670 US

Basic Obedience, Dog on Dog Aggression, Fear and Aggression, Group Classes, Private Training, and Puppy Training/Socialization