The Grounded Hound Canine Coaching

The Grounded Hound Canine Coaching: Positive, Reward-Based Training.
I am a dog trainer because I believe anyone who has taken a dog under their wing deserves support through the difficult times our canine companions may bring into our lives. Pet guardians often need a guide who will offer them positive methods to help them navigate the basics and difficulties of in-home and about-town canine behavior. I provide effective, positive training with no pain, fear or force. Patience, Kindness, Consistency: Three simple, key human behaviors we’ll use to build a strong bridge of understanding between you and your pet.

Services include: Private Training designed to work with your schedule. Dog Manners around the house and on the road. Puppy training. Dog behavior concerns such as jumping, digging, chewing, barking, housetraining, fearfulness, shyness, and reactivity.


Phone Number: 171-431-0963


Address: Santa Ana, California 92706 US

Basic Obedience, Private Training, and Puppy Training/Socialization