Muttineer Dog Training

Jocelyn is the founder of Muttineer Dog Training, an all-positive dog training business based in Los Angeles. Jocelyn has been a professional trainer and behavior consultant for over 12 years. She’s a graduate from the renowned Academy for Dog Trainers as well as the Animal Behavior program at UW, and has held a CPDT for over 7 years.

Jocelyn spent the majority of her career working hands-on in the behavior rehabilitation of rescue animals. Muttineer was born in 2018 when Jocelyn decided to work directly with clients and grow roots in the community and city that she loves, Los Angeles. Muttineer’s goal is to bring pet parents closer to their animals through positive reinforcement training and an understanding of dog behavior. Muttineer offers a variety of services from puppy classes to force-free, reactive dog rehab. With our extensive combination of education and experience we can confidently and professionally offer highly effective solutions to any dog dynamic or behavior problem.


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Address: Los Angeles, CA 90065 US

Basic Obedience, Distance Consults, Dog on Dog Aggression, Fear and Aggression, Group Classes, Private Training, Puppy Training/Socialization, and Separation Anxiety