Red Dog Training

We provide a range of group dog training classes suitable for puppies to adults including Basic Obedience, Agility, Hoopers, Gundog and Speciality workshops. We also offer one2one behaviour consultations, private training sessions and specialise in meeting the needs of upset dogs through either our grumpy Dog programme or dedicated training sessions.
We provide private services within a radius of 15miles of our training grounds.
Head trainer Denise holds an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour with Distinction from the University of Lincoln , holds a CTC from Academy for Dog Trainers and is accredited with the APDT(UK), PPG and is VSPDT certified.
Senior trainer Gill is accredited with the IMDT, Agility trainer Fiona is an Agility Club Approved Instructor, and Assistant trainer Natalie is working towards her APDT(UK) accreditation.


Phone Number: 079-738-86806


Address: Herts, CM23 5QJ. UK

Dog on Dog Aggression, Fear and Aggression, Group Classes, and Private Training