C.H.A.C.O. Dog Training & Behavior Consulting LLC

C.H.A.C.O. Dog Training & Behavior Consulting LLC located in Tesuque, 15 min. North from Santa Fe NM is a company that is devoted to the well-being of dogs. Our training and behavior consulting techniques are dog friendly and are based on the scientific principal of learning theory (how animals learn) popularly known as “reward-based” training. We offer private training, group classes, boarding & training, and Tellington TTouch method private sessions and group classes.

Website: https://chacodogtraining.com/

Phone Number: 505-954-1434

Email: info@chacodogtraining.com

Address: Tesuque, New Mexico 87574 United States

Basic Obedience, Distance Consults, Dog on Dog Aggression, Fear and Aggression, Group Classes, Private Training, Puppy Training/Socialization, and Separation Anxiety