Come When Called Dog Training & Behavior Counseling

I offer group classes for puppies (3 levels), distracted dogs, obedience skills, growly dogs (intensive, level 1), growly dogs (level 2, outdoor environments), Tricks, Agility & Games (fun class with high standards), and CGC Prep PLUS. I also offer privates for behavior problems. I serve an area within 25 miles of Bethesda, MD. I am CCPDT-KA certified (8 yrs). I’ve learned the most from Jean Donaldson’s academy and Growly Dog seminar and six Bob Bailey chicken workshops–and continue to learn.


Phone Number: 301-928-6606


Address: Bethesda, MD 20816 USA

Distance Consults, Dog on Dog Aggression, Fear and Aggression, Group Classes, Private Training, and Separation Anxiety