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In Defense of Puppy Socialization

Don’t hold back when socializing your young puppy. Create as many positive associations as possible before 14 weeks of age. If you’re a puppy parent searching for guidance on how to socialize your puppy, you risk coming across some concerning misinformation, even from...

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Why We Need to Modify the Humane Hierarchy

Why we need to modify the Humane Hierarchy Our guest blogger is Tim Steele, a newly minted Academy graduate and owner of Behavior Matters Academy in Santa Clara CA.  His post is part of Companion Animal Psychology's Train For Rewards Blog Party 2018. I love the idea...

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Predation and Dogs-Normalizing Behavior

One gorgeous summer morning, I watched from across the pool as a small grey bird fluttered down out of a tree and hovered just a few feet in front of my foster dog, Quinn. Quinn tilted her head to the side and froze for a brief moment before lunging forward and...

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