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Fear and Aggression

USA 415 Tappan Avenue, North Plainfield NJ 07063
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Fear and Aggression

Rescued By Training is here to help rescue you from your dog’s unwanted behavior problems that are causing strain to your relationship.  We’re here to help with basic obedience and remedying nuisance behaviors for both puppies and adult dogs.  We can also offer pre-adoption couseling or dog selection to help ensure the cute dog you fall in love with is a perfect match for your lifestyle, family and energy level.  We also offer AKC Canine Good Citizen training and certification.  We offer private consultations and will be working with Rockland Holistic Veterinary Care to offer limited group classes.  We look forward to working with you very soon!  View all of our services here.

Fear and Aggression

Does your dog stop eating when you approach his food bowl?  Does he growl when you try to take away the bone he’s chomping on?  Does your dog snarl at you when you try to clip her nails?

We can help!  We help your dog learn to feel safe and secure and teach them to love having their nails trimmed or having their stuff taken away!  We can help increase their confidence and work on behavior modification for problems such as body handling, food, resource and location guarding.

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415 Tappan Avenue, North Plainfield NJ 07063


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