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Jeff Millman of Chicago Paws provides private dog training covering all aspects of dog behavior including basic puppy training to more advanced treatment of anxiety, barking and aggression. He has experience in teaching classes, but now focuses all of his energy on private training conducted in your home, neighborhood or at parks. 

He only uses positive reinforcement training and understands busy schedules. He can show you how to work with your dog even with a busy schedule of work, children and home responsibilites. Besides having two children of his own (and three dogs when they were babies) Jeff used to work as a Creative Director in downtown Chicago with a busy corporate job. He was able to keep an active Collie happy and healthy in spite of a hectic consulting schedule. 

Jeff can help you avoid potential problems with your puppy as well as help you if your dog already is showing behavior problems. 

Examples of Training Topics (just a few!)


Anxiety and Aggression 

Jeff can show you logical, effective and humane strategies to answer all these questions and more. Jeff has successfully worked with 1000s of dogs since starting in 2002 and can book months ahead of time due to all of the referrals from existing clients and veterinarians. Why is Jeff so busy? Because his techniques work and he is professional, responsible and truly cares about happy clients and a happy home. 

If you are in Chicago, fill out the Dog Training Information Form and Jeff will get back to you via email.  If you are not in his Travel Area visit his other site, Watch and Train for Free Dog Training Videos or Dog Training EBooks