Intensive personal video coaching



Excellence in dog training is clearly more than theory. You need to master the mechanics, cfoaching

At each stage throughout the course, we ask you to upload a video of a specific training challenge and one of the Academy’s team of experienced, supportive coaches will give you feedback on your techniques.

Why do we do it this way rather than through live workshops? Simply because we feel it’s more effective for developing your skills.

It’s a continuous process: you aren’t limited to a finite number of workshops, you can submit videos for coaching as often as you like throughout your study.

It’s easier to absorb: You can review your video footage in the light of our feedback and coaching at your own pace - minute-by-minute if you need to – so that you can really hone your technique. There’s no time pressure.

You can track your progress: Over the months, you can see how your timing and techniques have improved.

Expert webinars

  • Expert webinars
    The Academy runs an extensive program of live webinars, led by course founder Jean Donaldson or invited guest experts. These will enrich and deepen your knowledge of dog training and…

To see how video coaching can help to hone your technique:

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