Each year, The Academy holds our annual Academy Awards. The nomination process, the lobbying, the voting and the ceremony itself are all designed for one reason: to help counteract the burnout and compassion fatigue that can be an unfortunate, but real part of dog training as a career. The Academy Awards give us the opportunity to laugh, share our love of all things dogs and celebrate the accomplishments of students and grads. One of the most gratifying aspects is acknowledging the contributions our members make to the industry through their blogs.

This year, 10 blogs were nominated and though only one can be the winner, each deserves its own celebration.

This year’s winner was In Defense of Puppy Socialization by Kelly Lee, one of the most popular posts here on the Academy blog, and for good reason. In an industry often rife with opinion stated without evidence, Kelly’s blog stands out and shines with its straightforward approach and many citations.

Congratulations to Kelly and to all nominees, who are changing the world for dogs, one blog at a time!













Lori Nanan
Author: Lori Nanan

Lori has worked for The Academy for more than 3 years and currently owns her own business, LoriNanan.com. She served as the Canine Behavior and Education Coordinator at Women’s Animal Center in Bensalem, PA. from 2015-2017. Lori started the nonprofit Your Pit Bull and You in 2013 and remains committed to improving welfare through creating training-specific content which is applicable for all dogs. In her own business, Lori is honored to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry and strives to spread the word and share the benefits of rewards-based training in everything she does.