The Academy Community

A Supportive Community for Life


The Academy’s education in behavior, training, behavior modification, teaching and counseling is unrivaled.

But more than that, The Academy is a community and professional network that  lasts a lifetime.

Our students, graduates and staff discuss, study and “do the deep dive” into all things behavior across county, state and national boundaries on a daily basis.  The level of discussion on our numerous safe, collegial, collaborative discussion platforms is unlike anywhere else.

Academy members get together regularly in the Academy Café, our closed Facebook group, our online common room.  This is where you can chat, exchange views and be supported.  And, of course, you can share your dogs – their stories, photos and videos.

The Academy has case support groups, shelter and rescue groups, groups for our veterinarian students and grads, study groups for active students, and more.  We are a very social bunch!

Pet dog training is currently a philosophical war zone and burnout is a serious concern.  For this reason, we want our practitioners to not only be thoroughly educated, but supported, and their emotional health attended to, so they’ll have long, fulfilling careers.  And because dogs are so central to our lives and values, we pretty much can’t get enough of them.